F16 jet fighter makes emergency landing at Prestwick

Jan 08 2011

_50716631_f16runway304.jpgAn F16 jet fighter aircraft has made an emergency landing at Glasgow Prestwick Airport after suffering a fuel leak.

The airport activated its emergency response programme and alerted local fire, police and ambulance services. The alarm was raised at about 1200 GMT.

A spokesman said the US F16 aircraft landed safely, accompanied by another F16, and the emergency services were stood down shortly afterwards.

The jets were flying from Spangdahlem air base in Germany.

They were among a group of aircraft heading from Germany back to the US.

Two ambulances attended along with three appliances from Strathclyde Fire and Rescue Service.

The airport spokesman added: "Prestwick plans and prepares regularly for such an emergency and we are relieved it ended well."

The Ministry of Defence said it had no involvement with the incident.

News Feed from BBC News

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