Qantas A380 engine blast 'severed cables'

Nov 18 2010

_50040765_010670725-1.jpgFurther details have been released of the difficulties faced by the pilots of the Qantas A380 superjumbo that saw one of its engines explode.

Airbus, the plane's manufacturer, has said that flying debris from the Rolls-Royce engine severed cables in the aircraft's wing.

A separate report by the AP new agency said the explosion caused a series of system failures in the plane.

The pilots made a successful emergency landing in Singapore on 4 November.

Airbus made its comments in its latest report to airlines.

It said that the severing of cables in one of the plane's wings meant that the pilots could not immediately shut down one of the A380's three other engines.

AP's report was based on an interview with Richard Woodward, a vice-president of the Australian and International Pilots Association, who it said had spoken to all five pilots who were on the plane.

He said they received 54 computer warning messages following the engine failure.

"The amount of failures is unprecedented," Mr Woodward was quoted as saying.

Qantas said earlier on Thursday that up to 40 Rolls-Royce engines on Airbus A380 superjumbos worldwide would need to be replaced.

Rolls-Royce has said the engine failure "was confined to a specific component" which led to an oil fire and loss of turbine pressure.

All 459 passengers and crew on the plane that had to make the emergency landing were unharmed.

News Feed from BBC News

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