Asiana flight 214 victim killed by fire engine

Jul 20 2013

A Chinese teenager survived a plane crash at San Francisco airport but was killed by a fire engine rushing to the scene, US officials have confirmed.

A coroner said Ye Mengyuan received several blunt injuries indicating the 16-year-old was hit while lying on the tarmac covered in fire-fighting foam.

Ye's friend, Wang Linjia, 16, also died in the 6 July crash. A third passenger, Liu Yipeng, 15, died days later.

Asiana flight 214 hit a sea wall as it approached too low and too slow.

The coroner added that it was possible to tell from internal haemorraging that Ye was still alive when she was thrown from the plane on to the runway during the collision as the 777's tail snapped off.

"It's very difficult and devastating news for all of us," said San Francisco Fire Chief Joanne Hayes-White.

She added that she had tried to contact Ye's family through the Chinese consulate and wanted to meet them.

Firefighters have described a scene of chaos after the crash with the plane on fire and fuel leaking.

Dozens of other passengers were hurt when the plane, arriving in San Francisco from Incheon in South Korea, crash-landed short of the runway.

The airliner went into a 360-degree spin before coming to rest.

Officials have said the pilots only realised the plane was flying too slowly seconds before the crash.

The pilot, who was about half way through his 777 training, pushed the throttles to speed up and then tried to abort the landing, but it was too late.

Many of the most badly hurt passengers were seated at the back of the plane, and some are still in hospital with serious injuries.

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