Glasgow Airport alert after plane starts to fill with smoke

Oct 13 2012

About 60 passengers had to leave a plane by emergency chutes at Glasgow Airport after the cabin began to fill with smoke.

The Thomas Cook flight from Dalaman in Turkey had landed as normal when the alarm was raised as passengers were disembarking on Thursday evening.

The crew released three chutes to allow remaining passengers to leave the aircraft as quickly as possible.

It is thought the smoke was caused by excess oil in a power unit.

A Thomas Cook Airlines spokeswoman said: "All our passengers are safe and well and our experienced crew deployed the chutes purely as a precautionary measure.

"We would like to thank the BAA staff at Glasgow Airport and our crew for their response and the continuing excellent care they offer all our customers."

The TCX3549 flight from Dalaman to Glasgow landed at 17:12 with 231 passengers on board.

A Glasgow Airport spokesman said: "Fire crews attended following a report of smoke on board. All passengers disembarked safely and were repatriated with their luggage once the aircraft had been declared safe."

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Reproduced under licence from BBC News 2012 BBC

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