Devastation and chaos after Pakistani plane crash

Apr 20 2012

Asif Farooqi of the BBC's Urdu service describes scenes of devastation and chaos at the site where a Bhoja Air plane crashed with up to 127 people on board just outside Pakistan's capital, Islamabad.

The plane came down over the small village of Hussain Abad, but the crash site spread over a few kilometres.

There are a few hundred houses here. Some of the plane's wreckage damaged about three houses. We still don't know if there were any casualties on the ground.

Body parts are strewn all over the place: in nearby fields, near houses, and also in the narrow streets.

You can see bits of clothing and belongings scattered; seats from the plane are also visible.

Village sealed off

Mohammad Ashraf, an elderly villager, told me he was in his compound when he heard a huge noise.

He said the plane was on fire just seconds before the crash.

Mohammad said he was very scared that the aircraft would hit his house. He then started shouting.

By the time I got to the scene, women and children were on the rooftops - they seemed stunned and terrified because some bodies had landed inside a few homes.

Rescuers are now trying to collect the body parts and put them into bags which will then be taken to hospitals. This will help them identify the victims.

The army is everywhere, and the village has been cordoned off.

Residents have been told to stay inside their homes, so the rescuers can continue their work in difficult conditions because the ground is very muddy after a heavy rainfall.

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