Iceland volcanic ash cloud set to reach UK

May 23 2011

A volcanic ash cloud from Iceland is expected to reach parts of the UK by the early hours of Tuesday morning, the Met Office has said.

It does not mean there will definitely be airspace closures but makes flight disruption more likely, it said.

The Grimsvotn volcano in Iceland is experiencing its largest eruption in 100 years.

The event comes a year after ash from the Eyjafjallajokull volcano spread across Europe, causing huge disruption.

Flights cancelled

The Met Office, which runs Europe's Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre, earlier said there was more uncertainty over this eruption because weather was much more changeable.

The prediction then was for the possibility of ash reaching the UK towards the end of the week.

Icelandic air traffic control has created a no-fly zone around the volcano, closed Keflavik airport, the country's main hub, and cancelled all domestic flights.

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