Recent Conferences.

May 2016

International Water Rescue Conference

Join us for a very special and unique training opportunity as the ARFF Working Group and the International Aviation Fire Protection Association join forces to present this conference.
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July 2016

SAA-IAFPA Fire-Fighting Foam Seminar

SAA-IAFPA Fire-Fighting Foam Seminar.
To be held for the first time in South-East Asia, the Singapore Aviation Academy (SAA), in collaboration with the Intemational Aviation Fire Protection Association (IAFPA ), will be organising a 2 days fire-fighfing foam seminar titled "The future of fire-flghting foams: Minimising its environmental impact for greater sustainability" at SAA on 20 - 22 July 2016. This seminar wiII gather eminent Aircraft Rescue & Fire-Fighting (ARFF) and industry experts to share their specialised knowledge on fire-fighting foam. REGISTER NOW

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